Have ever tried to know about a dental implant procedure? If your dental implantologist suggests you undergo for dental implant Pitampura, it is essential to know the outcome, the procedure type, and recovery.

Why Dental Implant Failed?

If you have a missing tooth making you self-conscious about your smile, your dentist can recommend artificial teeth. Therefore, Dental implants in Punjabi Bagh are artificial tooth roots implanted into the jawbone surgically.

Types of Dental Implants Delhi

It has two major types-

It is a regular type or a common implantation method practiced by several dentists in the world. The in-the-bone treatment is surgical where body-safe materials like titanium are inserted deep into the jawbone. They seem as small screws.


Another type is practiced on not so healthy jawbone to support an endosteal implant. The dentist inserts the implant in the gum. They are placed above or on the bone, rather inside it.

Surgical Timeline and Recovery

Dental implantation needs multiple steps. Therefore, the treatment lasts in 3 to 9 months. There is a team of dental specialists for the task such as a periodontist and an oral surgeon.


The initial step needs assessment where the dentist assesses your gums, teeth, and jawbone. The dentist determines whether you have enough healthy jawbones. If the jawbone doesn’t appear healthy enough to hold implant, a bone graft may be suggested. Make sure the gum has no periodontal disease. The procedure depends on the number of teeth you like to implant. In this outpatient treatment, general or local anaesthesia is administered during treatment.

d 2-6 months for new bone growth formation around the screw. It is called “combining with the bone.” In this period, natural jaw bone becomes stronger.

Abutment Placement
Under local anaesthesia, the treatment is conducted to connect the replacement tooth to the implant. It is usually done at the second phase of the treatment.

Placing the Tooth
As healing is complete, the dentist takes an impression of your teeth to provide the best fitting artificial teeth. If you go for a fixed tooth, it will be cemented.

Recovery Process
Implantation will give ongoing discomfort such as pain, swelling, and bleeding. After some days, the pain goes away and your mouth will accept the implanted tooth as a part of the body. Talk to your dentists to learn more about the dental treatment Punjabi Bagh and its outcome.

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