Dental Implants

A beautiful smile with supporting dental implants with Kukreja Dental Clinic In Delhi.


Dental Implants by Kukreja Dental Clinic In Delhi

Dr. Kukreja’s Superspeciality are known as the most excellent available option to bring back lost teeth. They not simply endow you with functionality but also in continuing your overall dental fitness by caring for jaw bones naturally.

Dental Implants: A Brief Introduction

Dental implants are in fact artificial tooth roots utilized as a permanent substitute when one or more teeth have been vanished. These implants are small titanium screws which are positioned directly in the jawbone, operating as a stable support for stand-in teeth in the form of crowns, bridges or safe dentures. They are the closest you can search out to healthy, natural teeth. They will let you to confidently eat, laugh, smile, talk, play and take pleasure in all of your habitual activities of everyday life without thinking about your teeth.


Age for Posting Dental Implants

Dental implant patients belong to all ages, and they may be the accurate choice for anyone missing one, numerous, or even all of their teeth because of injury, defects, disease or decomposition. They can even be an choice for adolescents after puberty while the jaw stops growing, characteristically around 16 for girls and 18 for boys.


Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Guard your healthy teeth: Locating a tooth-supported bridge needs grinding away the teeth on one or both sides of the absent tooth or teeth – thereby damaging strong teeth to restore those that are not there. The modified healthy teeth are fastened to, and support, the bridge. The implants go in the jawbone, in the mark where your lost tooth root was, without impacting vigorous teeth. They also help stop healthy, neighboring teeth from shifting as they would in case an empty space was left for an extensive period of time.
  • Dental implants lead to healthy, natural teeth: Strong and stable, they restore a lost tooth so that it appear, feel, fit and function similar to a natural tooth. Other options can show the way to bone deterioration and may get in the way with eating, smiling, speaking and other actions of everyday life.
  • Enjoy life without concerning about your teeth: No necessity to stay home or feel uncomfortable in public, humiliated because your smile looks dissimilar, or worrying that absent teeth will limit your capacity to join in the fun or that detachable dentures or tooth-supported substitute teeth will loosen or fall out while you talk, eat or laugh. Teeth returned with dental implants are teeth that allow you, not your teeth, lead your life.
  • Built to very last: Dental implants are a long-term solution. Long-established, tooth-supported dental bridges merely last 5 to 10 years, and with proper care often more than ten years, but at some point, they may require to be replaced. While dental implants possibly will have need of periodic adjustments, they can very end a life span when properly located as well as cared for over time.

Kukreja Dental Clinic in Pitampura, Delhi has been gratifying the dental needs of its patents since 2007. In case, you are looking to undergo through Dental Implant procedure, then you can contact us directly.


Traditional Dentures and Bridgework

  • Look less natural, may be uncomfortable
  • May shift and click during eating and talking
  • Often uncomfortable
  • Adjoining teeth may be damaged from supporting bridgework
  • Chewy foods may cause dentures to become loose
  • Denture pastes and powders required
  • Dentures must be removed at night

Why Choose Us?

  • Daily assistance
  • Skilled doctors
  • Long term care
  • Affordable fees
  • 24*7 medical services
  • Pickup & Drop Facility

Gingivectomy cures bleeding gums.

  • It brings back the enlarged gums to normal size.
  • It improves your smile line.




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