Your smile is an integral part of your personality. What if you have bad breath and yellow teeth? You may lose your confident to lough loud. Isn’t it so? For everyone who takes care of their teeth, it is essential to know about one of the most common gum problems. It is Periodontitis Treatment in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. It affects the gum because bacteria accumulation on your teeth and gums. The gum disease has more than one stage. Early treatment can stop its progression. Moreover, it is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Stages of the Gum Problem


When you notice gum inflammation, it is known as gingivitis. In the initial stage, your gum can bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. Building of plaque and discoloration of teeth are some common signs of gingivitis. It increases with time and can reach to the second stage.

Early State of Periodontal Disease

Receding gums and small pocket formation between gums welcome bacteria. You more likely experience bleeding while flossing and brushing.

Moderate Periodontal Disease

Gradually, the untreated gums go to the modern periodontal disease. Getting back to the normal stage is a bit tough if you enter to the moderate state. Your teeth will begin to lose support.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

At this stage, the connective tissue holding teeth begins to deteriorate. Bones, gums, and other tissue supporting teeth become weak. Severe bad smell and pain while chewing are signs of the problem. There is no way out to get relief from the advanced gum disease. You need to consult your expert dentist to get relief from the problem.

Poor immunity, poor oral hygiene, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hormonal changes, and sometimes medication can cause the problem. Consult our doctor before it is too late for the treatment.

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