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Orthodontic Treatment by Kukreja Dental Clinic New Delhi

Orthodontia is the division of dentistry which deals with defects of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontic care entails the use of devices, for instance braces, to straighten teeth. They can as well be used to correct troubles with bite and lock gaps between teeth.

Need to undergo through the treatment:

Orthodontic treatment can help out develop appearance as well as bite. It can also facilitate if you have tribulations with speaking, breathing as well as chewing. Having straight teeth can put a stop to damage from a bad bite, avoid tooth wear, and recover the mouth’s health.

 Age to undergo through the therapy:

By tradition, treatment with dental braces commences when a kid has lost most of his or her baby (primary) teeth, along with a majority of the adult (permanent) teeth have full-fledged in — typically between the ages of 8 and 14.

Best age to begin orthodontic treatment:

Most parents are acquainted with that dental care for their children should begin during their early years. Specialists suggest that the most excellent age for an orthodontic evaluation is 8 to 10 years; for the period of that time period, a child habitually has an amalgamation of baby teeth as well as mature teeth.


Wearing dental braces is normally a very safe course of action.


Teeth aren’t permanently connected to your mouth with braces. They are just guided in a way to construct them straight. When braces are detached, the teeth no longer have that fence.

 Phases of orthodontic treatment:

There are 3 general phases of braces as well as Invisalign treatment: the planning phase, the active phase, and the retention phase. All three phases are super important.

 Final phases of braces:

The third as well as final phase of orthodontic treatment is the retention phase. This phase takes place once the teeth have moved into the preferred position and the employment of the dental appliance ceases.

Does the orthodontist clean your teeth subsequent to braces?

Following the elimination of your braces, your teeth will require a thorough cleaning. That’s for the reason that braces tend to entrap plaque as well as food in your teeth. Your orthodontist will as well polish your teeth with a hard grinder, eliminating any residue of the adhesive utilized to fix your brackets to your teeth.

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