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Peg lateral teeth, or peg lateral incisors, are terms used to describe a condition where the lateral incisors (the second tooth on either side of the front teeth) are undersized and appear smaller than normal. This situation occurs when the permanent lateral incisors do not fully develop. Sometimes, the permanent adult lateral incisor teeth do not develop at all, leaving only the baby teeth (primary or deciduous teeth) in their place. A true peg lateral incisor is a term reserved for the under-developed adult permanent tooth that erupts after the deciduous tooth has been lost.

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A significant percentage of children and adolescents have a condition known as a peg lateral tooth. This occurs when the tooth next to the top front tooth is abnormally smaller and narrower than it should be.
Often, patients with peg lateral teeth will also experience issues with the spacing of their teeth, requiring orthodontic treatment to correct the issue. During the orthodontic treatment, space can be left so that a dental restoration can return the peg lateral tooth to its proper size and shape.

The ideal candidate for the correction of a peg lateral is a teenager who has malformed teeth that they would like to get fixed. For best results, the procedure should be performed in conjunction with orthodontics. The procedure will be much more difficult if it is not planned for at the time your orthodontic issues are addressed.


You have two options when choosing to repair a peg lateral:

Dental bonding: Dental bonding can achieve nice aesthetic results on a peg lateral tooth with minor deformities, however, in most cases; peg lateral teeth are significantly smaller than normal. In these situations, bonding will not provide you with high quality results. To properly fix your peg lateral, you will need to use porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers: Porcelain veneers will allow matching the color and surface smoothness to your neighboring teeth, and he will be able to create the ideal shape to fit the space left for your restoration. In general, porcelain veneers provide a better result in about 80{02d9e07b3c8841a38b072d8fba55e25eff5dcb0787cce5dbc8a6e8111f9b99b9} of peg lateral cases.

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