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Teeth Whitening: Facts, Types, and Options

A complete set of sparkling teeth lulls every eye sight. The owner of such teeth range is lucky as it aids in enhancing his personality. Nevertheless, everybody can’t be this much fortunate. For these people, Teeth Whitening process comes into the box. It is a process of removing stains from the tooth surface as well as restoring the expected color of the teeth. Whitening is a one-time modus operandi performed by a dentist. It is amongst the most familiar and widely adopted cosmetic course of action.

Why Should I go for it?

The enamel which reflects the normal color of your tooth can discolor or dentin which is the internal surface of teeth stains as well as yellows the teeth. The sources of tooth discoloration are different. Though a lot of causes can be prohibited yet there are some which are not in control. The reasons of discoloration are:

  • Consuming tea, coffee, wine, cola regularly
  • Smoking cigarettes as well as chewing tobacco
  • High intake of fluoride all through childhood
  • Damage of developing permanent teeth because of accident or trauma
  • Aging can also add to staining of teeth since with age the enamel becomes thinner exposing the dentin below. By means of age, the dentin come in contact through certain food and beverage and can blemish your teeth
  • Certain medical treatments can also donate to staining of teeth

The method of Teeth Whitening clears the stain and builds your teeth look whiter. Nonetheless, one should keep in mind that the outcomes may vary from person to person.


Mechanism of the Whitening Process in Delhi:

Your dentist will initially photograph your teeth which will facilitate to know the development of the treatment. This is also utilized to examine your tooth and discover the stains.

 After inspecting the tooth dentist will begin by cleaning the tooth. He will take away the film on your enamel coated caused by the food you eat or because of other substances. The whitening course begins after this. The entire method takes around 30-90 minutes depending upon the rigorousness of the stains on teeth.

Your dentist will wrap the gums and will after that applies the whitening agent on teeth.


Are there any Risks Associated?

Teeth whitening do not contain any risks associated on the other hand; some people may experience sensitivity for a few days or else can suffer through mild gum irritation for some days. For the reason that Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic course of action it is not recommended to pregnant ladies. They can get it completed only after delivery.

The cost of teeth whitening might differ greatly depending on the product as well as technique used. In addition, it as well depends on the state of your teeth. The dentists at Kukreja Dental Clinic would be able to provide you an estimate after a complete assessment of your teeth as well as smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How often should you go for your teeth whitened?
A teeth whitening treatment finished by professional lasts almost a year. As a result, undergoing a teeth whitening procedure after one year is considered fit for overall oral health along with a lasting smile. If you desire to get expert teeth whitening treatment, search out an appointment today.

Q.2. Can I brush my teeth after the whitening process?
Brushing teeth right past a teeth whitening treatment is not suggested by dentists. Individuals must let few hours to pass earlier than brushing the teeth for the initial time after treatment.

Q.3 Is teeth whitening process permanent?
There are several types of teeth whitening treatment. The outcome of each treatment fluctuates from few months to up to 3 years. However, individuals who drink a lot of tea, coffee, and consume tobacco, or smoke will not be able to perceive the results for a longer time.

Q.4. Does Coconut oil whitens your teeth?
There is no long-established research which shows the habit of coconut oil for teeth whitening. Dentists propose that individuals must abstain from experimenting with their teeth since it can lead to side effects as well.

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